What are Cash Advances?

Cash Advances are expenses that are not funeral home charges.  These are fees or charges from other businesses to help your funeral be complete. There are not mark up charges on these expenses.  Your Cash Advance Fees will be listed on your Statement of Goods and services with an estimated amount.  Final pricing is determined by the outside business you choose to work with.

Some Examples of Cash Advance Fees and Payments

Death Certificates - Medical Examiner Fees  - Flowers - Clergy Fees - Lunch or Restaurant Fees - Church Fees - Music Fees - Obituary Fees. 

We are Here to Help

Perhaps you've got special concerns about an upcoming funeral or memorial service? We're here to provide the answers you're looking for. Call us at (920) 593-2620. Once we know which church and/or restaurant you are looking at using we can give you a good estimate of what these charges will be.