Hansen Shores - Sunset Point -300ft of Shoreline Therapy and tranquility, in a cozy cottage that sleeps 6.  Full Kitchen  amenities,
located in Door County,  Little Sturgeon Bay.

A tranquil place to get away after the loss of a loved one.  The funeral is over, and the people are gone.  When there is loss, there is often a period of time that your mind needs time to process and transition. The Hansen Family found a place perfect for this.  Escape to the beauty of a cozy cottage that sits on the Bay of Green Bay.  With a sunset view, and an acre of property to enjoy, it's a great escape, while your process how you will continue the new chapter ahead.  Enjoy time with close family cooking, grilling, hiking, playing in the water, fishing or just sitting in the beauty that surrounds this property in Door County.  You deserve to have this respite time for you and your family to continue the healing process.

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Hansen Shores Cottage - 300 ft of Shoreline, D.C.

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