Hansen's Serenity House

Private time just for Your Family.

Preparing for the funeral helps start the healing process.  Working together on picture boards, writing eulogies, reminiscing and just having private time to say goodbye.  The people who are hurting are usually planning the funeral.

Hansen's  Serenity House - Healing Experiences

Hansen's  Serenity House - Healing Experiences

Exclusive to Hansen's.  This house provides time for the immediate family.  While it is important to have a public visitation, the people that are hurting the most are usually the immediate family members.

The Serenity House is available for use to give families one last opportunity to have private family time, put together picture boards, cry if they need to without everyone watching and celebrate the life of the person they love.  

Our Serenity House to be used as yours.  A partial kitchen, dinning room, living room and chapel viewing area are available.  Bring your own food and drink, videos, pictures.  Reminiscence and start the healing process with your family by your side.  Many families take advantage of this opportunity to say goodbye in a private place and then have the public service the following day or evening.